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    Basic EDMPaws Rules and Guidelines


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    Basic EDMPaws Rules and Guidelines Empty Basic EDMPaws Rules and Guidelines

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:27 am

    Here are a few rules and guidelines that will be enforced strictly. EDMPaws is dedicated to maintaining an "all ages" atmosphere. I'm sure this list will be updated as we grow but for now, these are the basic guidelines that will be followed:

    1. No pornographic images.
    2. No swearing.
    3. Keep content tasteful (use at your own discretion but be advised, a lack of common sense will be punished by a permanent ban if it is a serious offence).
    4. Arguing is tolerated as long as it does not resort to immaturity (ex: name calling, bad language, etc.). Debates are healthy.
    5. Absolutely no personal attacks on members.
    6. No off site advertising unless approved by the Admin.
    7. No spamming.
    8. Do not make multiple posts of the same thread in different categories. Multiple threads will be locked.
    9. Personal donation threads will be locked. I'm sure there are legit people looking to help out charitable causes but because of all of the scams online, these will not be allowed on EDMPaws unless the Admin is contacted personally and approved.
    10. If you have an issue with another member, let the Admin or Moderators know through Private Messaging and the matter will be handled accordingly.
    11. Avatars and signatures containing pictures should be kept reasonable in size. Avatars should be less than 100X100 pixels and signature pictures should be kept relatively small. Please use at your own discretion but over sized pictures will be deleted and a warning will be issued.
    12. Keep your signatures (if you have one) to a reasonable size. There's not need to have huge pictures that slow the site down for everyone. You will be issued a warning prior to further action being taken if it is oversized.

    Aside from the list of rules and guidelines, don't be afraid to receive a ban for every mistake made. It happens. The moderating team will look into issues and deal with them appropriately. Slip ups happen; we're all human. Just please be respectful and tolerant of others' opinions and info. And most of all, have fun. Very Happy

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