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    Post  leezard on Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:05 pm


    I saw a link posted on Edmonton Reptiles and thought I'd take a boo. I'm an internet addict, as well as an addict for pets. I join these forums in hopes to a "Pet Lovers Anonymous" group to help find a cure, but just end up bringing something else/one home.... and go figure, end up being on the board of a volunteer-based reptile society....

    My husband and I bought our home about 2 and a half years ago. When we found the house, we had also been looking into getting dog supplies since we knew that we wanted a large dog "one day".

    Lo and behold, I found supplies.... with a free boxer/rotti. Not much was said in the ad, but they were finding her a home for free to people who could keep up with her. This spiked my interest, since I LOVE high energy dogs, but was very worried about why they were giving her away..

    After some eye batting and "PLEASE can we just go to meet her at least?" we finally contacted the seller. She seemed unsure of us, since we hadn't actually BOUGHT our house yet, but we went over for a meet and greet.

    Desi apparently didn't like people. We later found out that the previous owners had abused her. She was kicked and beaten and never worked with. The owner at the time we met Desi had responded to an ad in the paper, but after seeing how she was treated and the way the house was kept, could not leave the 8 week old puppy behind.

    They worked with her, but with 4 children and another rescue dog and a husband in the military, time was tight. They realized that they did not have the time that Desi required, so decided to find a better home for her. Enter: us.

    Erin, the owner, had her lay down and we crouched down and slowly made our way forward. She growled the entire time. After about 10 minutes of a distrustful eye, I suggested that maybe we take her for a walk, since Erin had stated that she hadn't had time to, yet. Desi's ears perked up and she got excited as the halti was put on. Apparently she didn't walk nicely either, so needed it to be kept under control. She was just under a year old at this point, and about 70 lbs.

    Sure enough, we fell in love.

    And so did she.

    After a few more meetings, with the owner thoroughly impressed that Desi took to us so fast and eagerly, we brought her home with us, to our very new home.

    We fought with her for about two years with aggression and "manners", but she is now one of the best dogs I have ever seen (unless she gets off her leash. She seems to have a hearing deficit at this time, unless the infamous squeaky toy is involved. Apparently no surgery can fix this malady. Wink)

    She has the biggest heart, stomach and personality of any dog I know. But, then, I *may* be a little biased.

    Of course, I can't forget my little one. About a year before we found our house, a friend of mine held a contest amongst her friends. She was starting to breed toy American Eskimos, and when she picked up her newest breeding female, the contest to name her was started, and the winner received either a cash prize, or one of the puppies from the first litter.

    And shockingly, I won.

    Since we were still living in the apartment at the time, the decision was put off until she conceived. Timing worked out well, and after humming and hawing and reading up on the breed, we decided to give a pup a try. We were worried about the yappiness and bad attitude and general small dog behavior we had studied, but were confident we could over come it.

    The worries melted with our heads and hearts when we met Chloe for the first time. All three of the puppies we met were like little cotton balls that seemed small enough to clean my husbands ears....

    When we finally got to bring her home, she curled up on my husband's lap for the four hour drive, and watching him smile at her so much made us feel good about our decision.

    A year later, we weren't quite so sure, as we continued to clean up after her messes in the house. But when it comes to animals, we are NOT quitters.

    Chloe and Desi got along wonderfully, despite the near 80 lbs weight difference. Since I worked at a vet clinic at the time, Chloe came to work with me every day for the first four months and she was very, very well socialized (and fed, since everyone gave her treats). Chloe became dominant of the two dogs, which she often exerts by peeing on stuff. We have fixed this issue by keeping her kenneled at night and have not had another problem since, with the exception of excitement urination now and again. If left alone outside of her kennel for too long while I step out, she finds paper to chew on, and when I walk in the door it seems as if it snowed in my house as paper flies in every direction. (It's especially fun when it's a telus phone bill....) While my husband or I are home, however, they are both very well behaved.

    Until Desi finds peanut butter cookies on the counter while I'm in the bathroom, that is....

    We have gone through many trials and error with these two, but they are literally part of the family. We have chosen not to have children, and both of our families have grown to accept that the dogs are now their "grandkids", since that's the closest they will get from us.

    All grandparents feed them very well. Sometimes "too" well. Chloe is fond of potatoes, and Desi is happy with constant attention.

    I can go on. And on. And on with stories of both of these girls, as well as the 2 cats and many, many lizards and snakes that share our house. Instead, I'll try to save my embarrassing stories until I read some of other people's, first. Very Happy

    The picture in the ad we responded to:
    Hello from Wetaskiwin Desi.1

    One of my own proudest moments. I killed two birds with one stone: proved that my dog CAN be well trained, and got a floor wash while she drooled at the same time:
    Hello from Wetaskiwin N617431112_2252777_2852

    Because it's just too funny not to share:
    Hello from Wetaskiwin Critters060

    The meet 'n' greet with Chloe:
    Hello from Wetaskiwin People090

    Puppy homecoming:
    Hello from Wetaskiwin Chloe021

    Model citizen:
    Hello from Wetaskiwin N617431112_1312998_6170

    The Three Stooges (The black and white bichon/shih-tzu belongs to my mom):
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    Post  Triton07 on Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:26 am

    Wow great intro! I feel as though I already know you!!

    Can't wait to read stories from you Very Happy

    It looks like Desi has become quite an amazing dog. Congratulations. The world needs more dedicated people like you and your husband! Shelters would be that much less empty Smile

    Feel free to post more pictures in the designated section! We all love looking at them!

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:48 am

    Welcome! Lol at Desi sitting on the cat. Laughing

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