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    Off leash groups in Edmomnton


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    Off leash groups in Edmomnton  Empty Off leash groups in Edmomnton

    Post  mistqueen on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:39 am

    There are 3 off leash Toy and Small Dog groups in Edmonton on facebook, Group Spaces,

    Playful Paws Toy and Small Breed group. We meet Sundays from 10am 12 noon. There us a fee of $30.00 to play for the summer but that goes to help pay for our indoor group that meets from October until the End of April beginning of May every year.

    If you join us, and only want to once you can join for a full year the fee $65.00 this covers rental cost of the facility we use in the West End. To contact the organizer please email

    Please Note we limit our group to 30 members due the size of our location. There is registration forms, and waivers you must sign as well. 90% of our members started with Playful Paws from the beginning, and we have been around since September 20, 2009.

    Gemma and Friends - A brand new group for dogs under 30 pounds that meets in the North End The fee is $5.00 per dog per meetup you attend. You can find the group on

    Mighty Mutts and Mites - Edmonton's Largest Toy and Small Breed group for dogs under 20 pounds: Scheri Manson is the Owner/Organizer of this club and they are on, Facebook and Group Spaces. There is a fee for this group. Please contact Scheri at the website for more info.

    On there is
    The English Bulldog group,

    Boxer Group,

    The Beagle Meetup:

    The Edmonton Pug Group:

    Check out meetup and Group spaces for dog group in your area.

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