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    dog attack in bueuna vista


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    dog attack in bueuna vista Empty dog attack in bueuna vista

    Post  niceman on Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:19 am

    I take my mixed breed and my daughters toy poodle for a walk there often with no problems ever.One day a couple with 2, what looked to be pit bulls ,large dogs walked past us and when they got behind us one of their dogs turned and jumped on the toy poodle with it's mouth completely around it !The guy pulled the dog off and walked away saying he wouldn't have hurt her he just likes small dogs .As they walked away the second time ,the dog again got away from him and pounced on the poodle again cornering her against a tree and wrapped his mouth completely around her again and started chewing on her as if she were a toy .The poodle was screaming and crying as he hauled his dog away for the second time I went to pick up the poodle and she bit me .It was then i noticed she had a puncture wound on her left shoulder and had defecated on herself.The guy apoligised and said he would pay for the vet bills and put his name and phone number into my cell .After 3 hours at the vet and a $500.00 vet bill i went home and called the guy but his girlfriend picked up and said they had talked about it and were only willing to pay for half as my poodle had brought on the attack by running away !In the days that followed my daughter who owns the dog was talking to both of them and she agreed that while wrong she would take half the money .Since then these people will not answer our calls despite leaving numerous messages and so we got nothing.Now i can't take my poodle there anymore and my mixed breed was very nervous and anti-social the last time i had him there .Beware of irresponsible dog owners disguising as good people !!!

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    dog attack in bueuna vista Empty Re: dog attack in bueuna vista

    Post  Admin on Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:24 am

    Welcome! I'd phone the police and get their advice on it. Did you happen to get his full name?

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