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    Pet Adoption (Agencies and Private Parties)


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    Pet Adoption (Agencies and Private Parties)

    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:55 am

    If you are a registered animal shelter or rescue agency, please contact the Admin ASAP through Private Messaging. You will be given your own free section to post animals looking for homes. Also, an online donation section will also be set up for shelters and rescue agencies if requested.

    EDMPaws is committed to helping all those involved with lending a helping hand to animals in need and finding them forever homes.

    If you are giving away an animal (with no price) because of certain conflicting issues with the pet, feel free to post the animal here. We at EDMPaws would rather see an animal go to a loving new home before entering the shelter life. Animal Shelters should be used as a last resort option in order to keep the population in shelters manageable. Space is limited.

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