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    Reasonable fully insulated dog houses!!


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    Reasonable fully insulated dog houses!! Empty Reasonable fully insulated dog houses!!

    Post  Cgraham11 on Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:18 pm

    We offer 4 general sizes of dog houses built to withstand our Edmonton climate. We started by building them for our dogs and slowly word of mouth spread out. People starting asking "where can I get one". Our answer at first was that you can't. Now that I have more time on my hands, I have started to produce them.

    All houses are built with pressure treated foundations to prevent the wood from rotting.
    Base, walls and roof are all insulated.
    Nothing is exposed to the dogs with a finished interior.
    All come sided and shingled (colours are available although preference for us is white as it is cheaper for both parties and also reflects the heat come summer.)


    Small- 150$ ( jack Russell's, most terriers, cocker spaniels)
    Medium- 200$ ( pit bulls, collies, bull dogs)
    Large- 300$ ( German shepherds, labs, boxers, huskies)
    X-large- 400$ (Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, mastiffs)

    These are just for the average size, the houses need to be big enough for your dog to fit, but small enough that they can heat it themselves. Anything above extra large we do as custom. Which vary in price.
    In custom builds we can provide exactly what you want whether it be two houses in one, lean to additions for shade or whatever your dog desires.

    We have had a lot of interest so I have decided to make these available to everyone. As most pet stores sell American products they do not come insulated or built to last. You will also find that these products are the same price if not more than what we charge. We believe that we can't be beat for quality and we would be delighted to supply your pet with a home.

    We also have agreed with a few rescues and continue to do so with new ones, for every ten houses sold, we donate a house to a rescue or shelter. They have promoted us as we do them and do the best we can to provide for these animals.

    Tuffest dog houses
    Questions and Orders can be taken at 780-968-2516

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